"Timeless Humanitarian Works Time and Time Again~ as HUNGER takes no HOLIDAY! ... 


Hailemah delivers fund raising check on November 11th, 2014 in her late Mother's name as she has done since 2011 for global hunger relief.   It is done in her Mother's name on her Birthday of November 11th as he Mother was her role model in sharing with others less fortunate and her first teacher in humanitarianism.

I am committed to create awareness and commit personally from fasting, blogging and fund raising for the human emergency that currently plagues regions planet wide such as Nepal's earthquake ravaged landscape and the ongoing  hunger emergency  in the Horn of Afrika, Somalia.   Some may know  of these efforts and fund raising drives from 2011 for which I raised funds and personally donated along with my King as well as funds raised from the sale of my book on Climatic Changes I published in 2010 to the SOMALIA DROUGHT/HUNGER RELIEF DRIVE.    In addition to the book sales, I personally create head and body wraps  as well as jewelry hand made and customized to donators for this drive.    Collectively, the efforts of  annual fasting for 40 days usually embarked upon in the Spring/Summers generally raise  personal donations  in  the amounts of  $500.00 submitted via check on November 11th, 2014 to the ISLAMIC RELIEF U.S.A office in my local area in Alexandria, VA.  I chose the date of November 11th as an honour to my late Empress Mother from whom I learnt the act of giving to others less fortunate.  Thank you for your support and may you never know hunger!

Hailemah delivers check for Somalia Hunger Relief  Drive 2011


Since 2011 of 40 days fasting I  have remained socially and politically conscious all through the recent years and having taken a year off in 2012, due to personal relocation.   Having continued this drive by fasting and raising funds s again in 2013 and 2014,  I am determined to resume this commitment to the cause  as I fast again for 2015 to raise awareness and to raise funds  personally by sale of a line of hand crafted jewelry and reversible scarves(body & head) I call 'HAILEWRAPS'.  I also have offered up again this year the proceeds of sale of my book I published on behalf of my late Father, which is  another correlation to the urgent cause of drought and famine, called 'TRUE PLANETARY CHANGES AND RHYTHMIC CLIMATIC CHANGES'.   I am here to CHALLENGE everyone within hearing and sight of this announcement to summon up their social and political global conscience and to come to the aid of this call! 

 In 2015, this global exchange's focus will remain on humanitarian causes and efforts to mobilize members to the relief drives for those less fortunate. We will remain committed to donating the proceeds of every  'HAILEWRAPS' head and body wraps and accessories towardNepal's current emergency.   We desire to focus urgently on Nepal's human emergency as diligently as we did  Somalia Drought/Hunger Relief Drive in previous years.  Sincere gratitude for those who have made donations in whatever forms that your spirit moved you to offer, whether in buying a book, CD or other 'HAILEWRAPS' craftworks/jewelry  items available for sale here on our webstore.   Don't wear jewelry or wraps?   Simply click the  DONATE  button to offer at your comfort level.

One may have never fasted, or have been motivated but not prepared, but if  you are healthy and committed to make a difference, YOU and anyone can fast a day, a week, or even 20 days  with me and donate the money that you would have spent on the countless meals that we in the west eat daily as a conscious offering toward this cause.  A cup of coffee at STARBUCKS may be even $5.00 today, many eat out daily and spend incredible amounts of leisurely income on frills and privileges of life in America.   I ask you to share this challenge with your friends and SHARE this post.  If you are unable to fast with me, then purchase an item for yourself or for a friend from my line of HAILEWRAPS and accessories that will go toward this urgent drive to help some man, woman or child get a tent over their heads in a refugee camp, or a bowl of rice for a day.


 Hailemah delivers check for

Somalia  Hunger Relief Drive 2013 


 Visit our webstore, gift yourself or others with a gift item, or a book or simply make a comfortable cash donation in our secure Pay Pal option.....

One may choose to donate  or to purchase any of the goods and merchandize for purchase on this site for the  Relief Drive.

If for whatever reasons you are not able at this time to DONATE via real currency, or by purchasing an item as outlined here, PLEASE do SHARE this link , mention to a friend or relative and be a link in the awareness chain for this cause. Artists or poets, may donate a short musical endorsement of this cause ,or write a piece to share on this or their own various platforms globally. I make a GLOBAL CHALLENGE herein for others to JOIN ME in solidarity by also FASTING, a day, a week, or however long you feel fit to do so and donating the funds from any meals saved from that fasting. Any funds normally spent on food can be donated to this cause in true selfless communal participation. This is the true essence of REAL social and cultural consciousness on this global , exchange medium/platform! A full and steadfast respect as a heartical gesture of solidarity and one heartedness for the global human family."THANK YOU" to those who supported in 2011 and in 2013,2014~ may you be continually blessed, as all things are reciprocal in the universe.   To those who are moved to do some small thing in response to this CHALLENGE, I thank you in advance and salute the humanitarian in YOU from me with sincere appreciation!


                           Hailemah Amhara  ~

                                       Site Founder 













(3) Hailemah Amhara TimelessEye Solomon
(3) Hailemah Amhara TimelessEye Solomon

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