sharing our time: Timeless Roots Media sharing our time: Timeless Roots Media 187294979 187294980 187294981 187294982 Hailemah in drum circle Malcom X Park, Wash DC, 2012 Summers in Wash DC are spent fund raising for global hunger and in drum circle for global peace. 187294983 Hailemah & Yishmael fundraiser WOJ 2009 fundraising for world of Jah in Baltimore , MD 2009 187294984 Sister Circle for Peace Hailemah with sisters in NY city at S.O.B's club at Midnite Roots Reggae Show, Oct 29th 2011, just after breaking fasting for 40 days for her Somalia Drought Relief 2011 drive. 187294985 Conscious Friends for Global Upfliftment Hailemah and Yishmael with friends from World of Jah at fund raising event in Baltimore, 2010 187294986 Timeless Roots Media Logo Designed as a gift from a Rasta FarI artist from Europe to Hailemah in 2009 187294987 Hailemah Therapuetic Womb Dance Hailemah dances for personal healing and global peace/hunger. Summer 2013. 187294988