"Timeless Humanitarian Works Time and Time Again~ as HUNGER takes no HOLIDAY! ... 

'                       A marriage of charm ,value and humanitarianism! 


This platform is fueled by the desire to merge global exchanges for conscious humanitarian causes to eradicate global hunger. 

           WHAT MAKES US UNIQUE?  Our commitment to the marriage of ART, CULTURE,  SCIENCE and HUMANITARIANISM   in our 'ONE PRICE'  options affording  QUALITY and CHARM , making YOUR TIMELESS UNIQUE BOUTIQUE EXPERIENCE FUN and EASY!                                    

                                                                     About  Us

   Established SINCE 2009 Timeless Roots Media began as showcase of culturally conscious artists, musicians and entrepreneurs  as a mouthpiece and arena for talent, interviews and exposure for ones in the conscious communities of which we are still an active leader in humanitarian causes.  Putting others in the spotlight was ways with our desire to use audio visual productions to that extent with an active Youtube and internet presence.  Our focus is still culturally conscious global exchanges combined with an information frequency pertinent to humanitarian causes particularly for global hunger.   Support is still received in the form of music donated by artists toward the promotion of our annual drives for global hunger.  As a showcase arena of personal enhancements and culturally conscious adornments, as well as books and other choices we offer various options to create opportunities for one to support our drives annually such worthy and urgent causes such as Nepal's current human emergency and  Somalia in the Horn of Afrika. 

Next to your natural attributes, nothing says more to the world than one's  personal enhancements than your garments, jewelry and accessories!   With that in mind Timeless Roots Unique Designs radiates with the allure, beauty and charm that announces to the world your unique presence and individuality.  Representing the allure that befits the ROYAL you, the handpicked pieces displayed here at virtually give away price tags come with an even more profound meaning to the wearer in that a portion of every piece delivered is allotted to  urgent need in areas such as earthquake struck Nepal this year and previously global hunger in the Horn of Africa in Somalia, a cause for which we have stood in solidarity with for several years to date through personal /political fasting and fundraising.   

Our Motto 

   "So others might eat"~ Timelessly Yours~ Time and Time Again! ...


 Our  Mission


 We firmly adhere to the concept of 'ENOUGH FOR EVERYONE! In relativity to global hunger that the planet was fully designed with enough for everyone if not for greed of a certain few.  We stay in that frequency of "abundance" by offering a wide array of choices in alluring collections from dramatic  appeal  to demure elegance as we take pride in presenting beautiful pieces that are sure to please time and time again.   With a continuously  changing availability of hand- picked  and some hand crafted selections your varied tastes  for originality  and  affordability are  sure  to become  favorites with something for everyone!

Our Vision

        Our  ongoing mission is to remain your one stop shop boutique of distinction by lifting the bar from the ordinary to the unique with each and every client time  and time again.   We value and prize your individuality by honoring the very special YOU that makes you 'TIMELESSLY UNIQUE!'

ENJOY your " timeless unique boutique experience" and "Thank You!" for your loyalty and for sharing!






(3) Hailemah Amhara TimelessEye Solomon

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